The Rolling Girls (ローリング☆ガールズ Rōringu Gāruzu?) is a 2015 Japanese anime television series produced by Wit Studio. The logo of this title contains the text, "Rolling, Falling, Scrambling Girls. For others. For themselves. Even if they're destined to be a 'mob'".


Ten years after the end of the "Great Tokyo War" that rocked Japan, most of the country's political and economic elites mysteriously vanished. As a result, the country split up into the original 10 prefectures that soon became independent city-states that competed with each other. Many vigilantes who fought in the aforementioned war became hired as the "Best" (mosa), representing their prefectures in territorial disputes. Their supporters, the "Rest" (mob), work to support them while maintaining the peace within their respective prefectures.

After a prolonged battle with Kuniko leads her friend, Masami to become seriously injured, a rookie Rest named Nozomi decides to travel around Japan on her motorcycle with her new friends, fulfilling requests for Maccha Green while they seek to grow stronger and search for special heart-shaped jewels, the moonlight stones. It is said that the moonlight stone can make a person possesses unlimited power when it is worn, especially by Bests of different regions when combat or fight happens in order to protect themselves, but may lead to serious consequences such as injury of people and damage of properties because of the force emitted by the battle or the people who used it. In reality, it is used as a fuel by aliens in outerspace to operate their spaceship.


An anime television series produced by Wit Studio was announced by Pony Canyon that aired in 2015. The series premiered in Japan on MBS and other stations.

The opening and closing songs are both covers of tracks from seminal Japanese punk rock band The Blue Hearts, "Hito ni Yasashiku" and "Tsuki no Bakugekiki" respectively. Several of the episodes share titles with tracks by The Blue Hearts including "Kitai Hazure no Hito", "Hoshi o Kudasai" and "Yoru no Tōzokudan".

  1. King of Rookies
  2. Center of the World
  3. I Wanna Be A Hero
  4. Dream
  5. Disappointing Person
  6. Lightning Speed
  7. Please Give Me a Star
  8. After the Rain
  9. Night Thieves
  10. NO NO NO
  11. Rose of Passion
  12. The Future Is in Our Hands

Mini theatresEdit

Chibi Rolling Girls Mini theatres (「ちび☆ローリング☆ガールズ」コロコロ劇場 Chibi☆Rolling☆Girls Korokoro Gekijou)

Parody of the anime episodes.

  • 1 and 2
  • 3 and 4
  • 5 and 6
  • 7 and 8
  • 9 and 10
  • 11 and 12

Characters Edit

Tokorozawa and Higashimurayama
Ai Hibiki Yukina Kosaka Chiaya Misono Nozomi Morimoto
Masami Utoku Kuniko Shigyou Yukari Otonashi Haruka Misono
Kuranosuke Momiyama Hinayo Moritomo Tomomori Morimoto Crocodile
Mii-tan Rikako Hitoshi Mario
Den-san Noboru Yumi
Always Comina
Aki Habara Noriko Suzumoto Aya Suzumoto Ryuunosuke Akutabi
Banko Sumire Ken Tatsuhiko
Aichi and Mie
Tomoki Suzuka Himeko Uotora Mamoru Uotora Dandy
Misa Ichijō Mamechiyo Shutendōji


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